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The professional, friendly and cost effective way to develop your small business

Cardinal Numbers works with small, local businesses to assist owners, directors, managers and staff in a number of areas that are key to business management and development.

The core service relates to finance and accounting but Cardinal Numbers can assist in most areas where newly formed or growing small businesses encounter problems, offering a cost effective solution in a friendly yet professional manner through reliable and efficient service delivery which may include the introduction of specialists if appropriate.

Cardinal Numbers is not focused on management consultancy. In the main, the service consists of the provision of practical hands on support which may involve working with or alongside clients or may involve undertaking work or projects on clients’ behalf. If required we are however happy to offer an opinion or advice where appropriate.

The intention is for Cardinal Numbers to be totally flexible and to offer a genuinely tailored and bespoke service so that as a client, you get exactly what you want. That will often be actually producing work such as a budget or a business plan but ideally we would like to think that we will be able help businesses to help themselves.

Thank you for taking the time visit the website and please get in touch if there may be any way in which Cardinal Numbers can help you meet your business needs.

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